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Follow me on Instagram to see what inspires me in day to day life. This can be my surroundings and the interior design I see, street art, books and even nature. Check out my Instagram stories too! A great way of capturing day to day activities that don’t make it into the feed. I look forward to welcoming new followers!

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If you're thinking about embarking on a project and would like a little - or alot - of inspiration, why not take a look at my boards in Pinterest ... I'm always on there adding more images! It's completely addictive!

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Client Feedback

“Following a recent Google SketchUp training session, I would definitely recommend Claire from Plot Design to anyone wishing to learn more about this design program. Claire was very patient and knowledgeable during the half day session which proved fun and very enjoyable. The training pack provided is very detailed, and a great reference tool for further learning.”

- Kate Grimley - Owner Lemonpebble Interior Design

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